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Write for Humane Goods Pet Blog

Are you passionate about cats, dogs, and other pets and love creating awesome content?

Humane Goods is looking for writers and videographers to create awesome content that helps the lives of animals and the people who care for them.

Topics We’re Looking For Include:

  • Helpful tips, “how-to” articles, or advice relating to caring for cats and dogs.
  • “How-to” articles or tips relating to the animal rescue niche or saving animals.


Articles should be professionally written, including commercial-use images and video where possible, and be 100% unique content.

Please pitch your idea using our Contact Us form below or share a draft of your unique post. Make sure to include any examples of previous work.

If your idea is a fit, we will share it on our social channels, our email list, and link back to your site!

Please contact us with Subject: Guest Post at humanegoods@gmail.com